Friday, 24 February 2012

Jitterbug Nottingham

If you fancy a night out where you're transported back to the 1920s and 30s with an array of live acts, DJs and performers together with a free swing dance lesson thrown in for good measure, you might just want to pull on those vintage dancing shoes and hotfoot it to the next Jitterbug Nottingham event at The Black Cherry Lounge.

The Jitterbug nights add a modern twist to classic swing by giving it a dose of bass and creating a blend of music that is irresistibly danceable. The idea for the Jitterbug night was started by DJs Matthias Hirsch and James Overton and sax player Max Sa-Ra Grant and debuted in October 2011 at Nottingham's Spanky Van Dykes "As we had previously come across the concept of Swing and Electro Swing whilst playing it out on nights, we thought, why not make a night of this?" says Matthias. "Coming from the musical standpoint, we think we have a good foundation of making it both interesting for the audience whilst keeping it professional with the artists.

"Our nights have a Swing Dance lesson in the beginning which is a lovely way to meet new people whilst learning something new. We are a student heavy night but advertise to all age ranges (above 18 of course) as we believe that music should be for everyone. In the past we have had many guests above the age of 30 from the local Dance Schools and Dance enthusiasts."

Confidentially, we really recommend you check out some of the music links on the Jitterbug Facebook page to get a taste of this deliciously original night out. And whilst you're there, why not enter the competition for a chance to win FREE tickets for the next Jitterbug at The Black Cherry Lounge on Friday March 2nd

Tickets priced £5 for the next event featuring DJ Switch (3x DMC World Champion) and Josh et le Chat with the Jitterbug organisers supporting as a trio (Trip for Biscuits) are also available to buy on the new Jitterbug website

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