Sunday, 19 February 2012

Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, The Musical, At Nottingham Playhouse

Photo by Shawn Ryan
This May, Nottingham will be putting the show on right here with a brand new home-grown musical version of the legendary Nottingham classic Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

Based on the book rather than the film, this musical version was created by Nottingham composer Stephen Williams and writer Cathy Spoors who, incorporating styles from the time, have brought trad jazz, rock 'n' roll and skiffle into Alan Sillitoe's gritty story of working class life in 1950s Britain.

Nottingham's own Tom Keeling will be leading the cast (pictured left with Amanda Bruce as Doreen outside the White Horse Inn, Radford, where the film was made.) Saturday Night and Sunday Morning follows the story of anti-hero Arthur Seaton, who works at Nottingham's Raleigh factory by day and spends his weekends drinking, fishing and womanising. Songs include Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down and Best Silk Stockings and keeping the local influence, the show's sets and costumes are designed and made by students from Nottingham Trent University. Tom is also writing a blog charting his journey into becoming Arthur Seaton and you can follow his progress here

You can catch this amateur production commissioned, written and performed by Nottingham people for the people of Nottingham at Nottingham Playhouse from 8-12 May and tickets are priced from £12- £18

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