Friday, 2 March 2012

Forever Young at Nottingham Playhouse REVIEW

It's a story of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, fighting, drinking and accidental stage diving all mixed up with walking frames, catheters, oxygen tanks, artificial limbs, hair loss and flatulence. Forever Young is talking about about a degenerate and regenerating generation, about growing old and about staying young by following that good old-fashioned adage of making your own entertainment- with knobs on.

Set in a home for retired Nottingham actors, and liberally and merrily peppered with local gags and Playhouse in-jokes, Forever Young's cast comprises a delightfully dotty and saucy collection of luvvies who intersperse their shuffling around and sitting in chairs time with soliloquy and pop mash-ups, electrifying singing and precarious dancing, including a gingerly romantic/ explicitly risque Bolero combo routine.

Banging their walking sticks and cavorting along to I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Respect and Barbie Doll and wonderfully unique Nirvana, Doors and John Lennon cover versions and with sensational individual and ensemble performances and impressive physical theatre, all brilliantly choreographed and timed. it's an original, poignant and hugely fun idea. Old age has never been more cool at the hippist old folks home in town and confidentially, we're reserving our retirement places now. The show is still going on, Forever Young is at Nottingham Playhouse till March 10 for the very last time, come on baby, let them light your fire.

Dates, tickets and details can be found on the Nottingham Playhouse website

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