Thursday, 3 January 2013

Red Hot World Buffet To Open At The Cornerhouse In Nottingham

One hundred and twenty jobs are to be created with the opening of a new Red Hot World Buffet at The Cornerhouse in Nottingham on January 24th.

Originally launched in Nottingham eight years ago, Red Hot World Buffet has expanded to seven restaurants around the country and their new £2.7 million premises at The Cornerhouse complex on Burton Street promises a 'world of escapism' with no rules or limitations, where guests will be able to interact with five-star chefs to design bespoke dishes, all for one set price.

The 500 seater restaurant will lift its specialist chefs' kitchens from behind the scenes to front of house and diners can choose one cuisine or their own combination unique to their taste, as well as helping themselves to the restaurant's famous buffet.

All dishes will be prepared from scratch on-site in preparation zones divided according to cuisine type. Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes will be cooked with traditional Mongolian sword and shield techniques on a centre-stage unique oriental grill, whilst expert chefs in the Indian kitchen will cook specialities from the North and South of the country. Handmade pasta and dough will be made at the Italian kitchen and diners can also create their ideal gourmet burgers or choose from the eight-metre long sushi counter.

For dessert, diners can choose from the custom built patisserie kitchen where pastries, cakes and desserts will be baked in full view of the restaurant, the unique double chocolate fountain or the cold-stone creamery designed by corporate chef Deepak Bahuguna, where staff will whip up ice cream sundaes according to the diners' tastes.

Directors Helen and Parmjit Dhaliwal said, "Our new restaurant is the first of its kind and will attract people from around the UK, who will flock to Nottingham to witness this milestone in culinary history."


  1. Sounds fantastic. I just hope that the food lives up to the publicity

  2. Interesting. I wonder how that will go for Flaming Dragon? I also wonder if the new Red Hot will be better at the Chinese and Thai dishes than the one in Hockley. You don't go there for the (decidedly unimpressive) Chinese/Thai food, you go there for the (very nice) Indian food ... and dessert buffet! :)

  3. Was brillant clean great food great price loved the airport theme. Recommend to all :0)


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