Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Music For Everyone Choirs In Nottingham

If you've been inspired by the feel-good TV show Glee to have a go at singing in a choir but baulk at the prospect of auditions or haven't got the time for weekly rehearsals, then Music For Everyone in Nottingham could be the option for you- with the chance to even perform at Nottingham's Albert Hall.

Music For Everyone offers a range of different performing groups and choirs with open access for people of all ages from 6-86 and caters for all abilities in an atmosphere of inclusiveness. The flagship choir is Nottingham Festival Chorus with over two hundred current voices and is open to all by subscription with no auditions and performs major classical and 20th Century works. There are no weekly rehearsals, members are able to to learn the music at their own pace with the provided rehearsal CDs and score and all come together to practise at three events per year with concerts in January/February and June/July.

Daytime Voices choir rehearse in the afternoon from 2-4pm, has groups in Southwell, West Bridgford and Wollaton, sing a mixed repertoire from jazz to classical and performed this year at the Promenade Concert at the Albert Hall in Nottingham. Music For Everyone also has several other groups for youth members and instrument players, which have a mix of both open and audition entry.

Full details of all the choral groups and courses can be found on the Music for Everyone website


  1. My children and I have taken part in several Music for Everyone events. I was scared to try their Festival Chorus but it turned out to be exhilarating, confidence-building and great fun. Music for Everyone are fantastic!

  2. If they want voices like dented foghorns, then I'm their man!


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