Monday, 9 May 2011

Rob's Record Mart In Tidy-Up Shock!

Pssst, vinyl fans! You've heard the rumours and Nottingham Confidential can now confirm they're all true; Rob's Record Mart in Hurts Yard, for 31 years the most lovably-untidy and full-up shop in town has actually had a makeover. Gone forever are all those precarious quivering LP towers, brimming aisles and knee-deep record boxes, say hello to new shelving, colour-coded category labels and blimey, for the first time ever you can even see the floor.

'There's still quite a lot to do, I'm currently sorting out the upper level which will be a 50p section,' says Rob gesturing to a more familiar but soon to be organised heap of musical jumble. 'The new landlords wanted this whole area of Hurts Yard to be tidier- it feels good!'

So, it's a happier day for neat freaks, but for us Nottinghammers who've spent many a hour more than we intended to rummaging through the chaotic-treasure trove that will now be known as old-skool Rob's Record Mart, it's bordering on tragedy.  Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but hell, messiness was way more fun than this! The ease with which Nottingham Confidential managed to find David Bowie's Hunky Dory made us feel a little dead inside (£2, very good condition, considerably cheering.)

Well Nottingham, we never imagined this day would even come but Rob's Record Mart has changed and so we as a city must embrace this change. But at least we can take comfort in the fact that Rob, he of very fast speech, hasn't changed at all, after three and a bit decades he's still open every day (not Sundays) and still satisfying all those punk, reggae, northern soul, new wave and generally eclectic musical needs the way nature truly intended- in vintage vinyl format (some CDs, cassettes, videos and DVDs also available.)

You can embrace the change and buy the vinyl confidentially at Rob's Record Mart, Hurt's Yard Nottingham Mon - Fri: 10:00- 17:00 Sat:10:00- 017:00


  1. Ha, that's bl**dy wicked! Bumped into Rob recently & he told me he was having a major clearout, but I didn't realise it was gonna be THAT major! The end(?) of an era...
    Glad to see the knackered owd A-board's still there, though! :oD

  2. I liked it before but its much better now - still has a top quality selection well priced. Rob is still the same but in different surroundings!!

  3. rob is a top man, great bloek...

  4. Hi Rob, not been for a long time, its looking good mate, has manship been to see your new layout, kind regards Phil Frier,-- Melton Mowbray...

  5. Wow, I stumbled on this article after wondering whether Rob was still open. I moved away from Nottingham in 2008 but will have to make a point of visiting the shop next time I'm back.

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  7. Ill have toget myself over there real soon.xx☺��


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