Sunday, 8 May 2011

Extras Casting For Major Feature Film In Nottingham!

There's still time today, Sunday 11th May 2011, to audition at Capital FM Arena right here in Nottingham to take part as a paid extra in a major Hollywood film- exciting stuff! Open castings are being held until 6.30pm this evening only for men and women of all ages (aged 18+) to take part in a 'society function' scene being filmed at a country house. Filming will be over a couple of days beginning on June 27.
Rumours are this is going to be a BIG movie, 2020 casting has supplied extras for X Men, Harry Potter and James Bond films in the past. So if you've been waiting for that first big break to get into movies why not go along today and try your luck- and let us know confidentially how you get on!
**UPDATE 6 JUNE 2011**  We can now confidentially reveal that these auditions were for the new Batman movie starring Christian Bale. Scenes for the movie will be filmed over two weeks from late June at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall which will feature as Bruce Wayne's home. 
***UPDATE 1July 2011***  Batman- The Nottingham Story, Hollywood Comes To Wollaton full report and photos here

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