Thursday, 13 September 2018

Shrek The Musical At Nottingham Theatre Royal REVIEW

Photo by Tristram Kenton

To successfully transfer the boundlessly unlimited medium of animated film to the confines of a real-life stage show takes a visionary with outside-upside-backflipping-over-the-box thinking and Shrek the Musical joyfully ticks all those boxes with an imagination of psychedelically monster proportions, roar!

Bellowing onto stage and making the light fittings rattle, Steffan Harri's hunkily-ug-er-lee Shrek teams up with Marcus Ayton's sassily kick-ass Donkey to rescue the smart, wise-cracking and amazingly streetwise for one so longterm-housebound Prncess Fiona, both cutely and fiercely played by Amelia Lily.

From the super-heavily knee-padded dastardly-dinky and irresistibly-naughty Lord Farquaad to an animatronic portable traybake Gingerbread Man, a fluffy slipper turned tap-dancing rat infestation and a staggeringly-gigantic puppet dragon-rockstar, Shrek the Musical sticks to the kiddie-to-adult-appeal script with enough wit and ingenuity as to both equal the classic film version and to create a stand-alone entertainment spectacle all of its own, playfully referencing  Les Mis, Wicked, Avenue Q, The Lion King and more along its merry way.

It's a singalonga farting and belching competition love-story, a screamingly-funny technicolour extravanga, Mother-Hubbard! Confidentially we recommend you get your freak on for the looniest-tooniest real-life cartooniest anti-fairytale in the land! You'd better believe it.

Shrek The Musical is at Nottingham Theatre Royal until Sunday 23 September 2018. Full details, show times and ticket prices can be found on the Nottingham Theatre Royal website

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