Friday, 13 October 2017

Roxy Ball Room Nottingham REVIEW

There's a whole new ballgame in town and when we say it's called Roxy Ball Room - we don't mean you'll be needing your dancing shoes, neither.

With specially commissioned Jimi Hendrix graffiti-artwork decor, psychedelically-colourful Beer Pong tables plus pool and ping pong tables, Roxy Ball Room is like a kaleidoscopic, spaced-out-chilled-out grown-ups' playground, serving up a night of fun, games and various alcoholic concoctions.

Fast food grub is also available with the California Chicken burger our confidential fave, which washes down very nicely with a purdy pink Berry Smash, our signature cocktail of choice. Sharing trays, pizza, doughballs, mocktails and craft beers will keep you going or you can get up and go-go burn it all off ping-ponging.

Winning extra bonus points for the pretty frickin' awesome background music and outstanding service from the friendly staff and offering a wacky and welcome alternative to those too many two-a-penny sitting-in-a-corner-with-a-pint-with-nuffin-much-going-on places, confidentially, Roxy Ballroom shoots, scores and good and proper puts the ping and beer into your pong.

And you can see lots more photos of Roxy Ball Room in glorious technicolour on our Facebook page

Roxy Ball Room is at 10 Thurland Street. Full details and prices can be found on their website

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