Monday, 10 August 2015

Restaurant Food Delivered To Your Door By Deliveroo REVIEW

There's only one thing better than going to a nice restaurant for a nice meal and that's not having to go to a restaurant and have the nice meal brought to you instead and that is the scrummy premise of the UK delivery service Deliveroo which rolled out in Nottingham city centre and West Bridgford earlier this year.

Working with a tasty mix of gourmet local independents together with well-known established chain restaurants, Deliveroo operates in zones of a 1.5 mile radius of the restaurants to keep delivery times down and the food fresh and warm and offers a selection ranging from Japanese sushi to Pan Asian BBQ to American Grills and Persian meals as well as Deli food from Nottingham's Alley Cafe, Sobar and Aubrey's Traditional Creperie.

With our stay-at-home tastebuds delectably tickled by the prospect of enjoying quality restaurant food in the comfort of our own jim-jams, we plumped for an order from Italian cuisine supremos Carluccio's and found ordering from the Deliveroo website happily straightforward and user-friendly. After entering your postcode and choosing a time slot that can be booked up to a day ahead and in fifteen minute intervals, a list of available restaurants is displayed to choose from, where you continue to order food and create an account with a £2.50 delivery charge and option to tip the driver all included, thereby dispensing entirely with the need for pesky cash and after which your food will be pedalled to you on bikes as fast as legally permitted.

Our delivery arrived bang on time and smartly packed in black and clear plastic boxes and included a tasting trio of pastas with a particularly delicious Luganica with a spicy Italian sausage sauce, a butter-glistening Ravioli and a gloriously mushroomy Pasta  Con Funghi,  complemented by olives, garlic bread and salad and followed perfectly by an intoxicatingly liqueur-drenched Tiramisu and zingingly tart Lemon Tart, all suitably warm or cool and crush-free and reliably Carluccios-a-licious.

It's a slick, satisfying, lip-smacking service and if you're lucky enough to live in the NG1 and NG2 catchment areas of Deliveroo, this is a proper culinary game-changing tasty treat with an array of foods on offer guaranteed to meet any not-going-out moods and needs. Deliveroo also tell us they "do have plans for other zones" in the future for more Nottingham suburbs so keep an eye on our Nottingham Confidential Twitter feed and we'll let you know as soon as it's announced when Deliveroo will be delivering to you-hoo too.

You can order from Deliveroo on their official website 

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