Friday, 7 March 2014

Miranda Hart: My, What I Call, Live Show At Nottingham Capital FM Arena REVIEW

Clap your breasts in joy and be upstanding and then accidentally fall over for our national comedy Queen of goofiness, galloping and glorious girly fart jokes is in town right now, dividing her subjects into the many who Ardently Revere Her versus the few who are, what I call, wrong.

Plunging onto stage to the strains of the Chesney Hawkes's classic The One and Only mixed with the heady whoops and cheers of thousands and thousands of elated fan-girls and fan-women (plus a few fan-guys) Miranda Hart promptly invited the entire arena to a massive mad-cap feel-good party complete with buffet, catapulted sweets, sing-alongs and wonderfully dodgy dance routines.

"This is the biggest live audience I've played to so far" she tells the sell-out Nottingham Capital FM Arena and launches merrily into her hilarious and huggably-endearing set peppered with wee-wee jokes, playful flirting, delightful audience participation, trademark naughty asides to the camera and some cheekily impressive ad-libbing.

With priceless tales of bumbling awkwardness, camp cavorting and musical theatre jokes "I'm a gay man in a woman's body!" it's a comedy night of epic and magnificent silliness that all wraps up with a very satisfying completeness and to a thrilling standing ovation, but amongst the gags and humour are important messages and themes, the heartfelt encouragement to let go, feel free and enjoy being yourself, to make mistakes, to have more fun, to be more childlike and to hell with it and go ahead and eat that dessert.

Irrepressibly and irresistibly strutting her comedy-goddess stuff, such Miranda-shaped fun is still to be had in Nottingham so clutch your ticket to your bosom and prance, skip and thrust yourself Capital FM Arena-wards for the hot-damn funniest lady show in town.

Miranda Hart is at Nottingham Capital FM Arena Friday March 7, Saturday March 8 including an extra matinee show and Thursday October 16 2014. Full details about ticket availability and prices are available on the Capital FM Arena website here

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