Friday, 14 February 2014

The Coco Lounge

The Coco Lounge cocktail bar on George Street in Nottingham has had a bit of a spruce up recently and poppers in will notice the new Starlet Lounge, a bubblegum pink area adorned with black and white movie star posters where you can sip your cocktails in ladylike girly style whilst the Cigar Lounge with elegant wallpaper and featuring classic leading men artwork will appeal to the gentlemen and boys.

Photo © Laura Patterson
Confidentially, we recommend The Big Easy cocktail, a heady fruity purple concoction with Southern Comfort and Creme de Cassis served with blueberries and actually decorated with its own Mardi Gras jewellery whilst creamy cocktail lovers who are partial to a bit of Humphrey Bogart will lurrrve the Malteser Falcon, a scrummy, yummy mix of Bourbon, chocolate Baileys (mmmm) butterscotch and cream, perfect for curling up with in this chilly weather next to the snuggly cosy Coco Lounge fire, try it accompanied with rhubarb liqueur and sweetily-cute cotton candy shots.

The Coco Lounge is now offering over forty cocktails to choose from, thirty of their own fun and imaginative recipes mixed temptingly with ten classics. Cocktail masterclasses are also available and the full menu and further details are all available on their website

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