Friday, 18 October 2013

Shhhh, Secret Agents Needed In Nottingham...

We've just received highly confidential intel for Nottingham eyes only about a covert mission happening right here in the city calling for special recruits. Do you want to be trained in espionage and counter surveillance techniques? Have you got what it takes to become an undercover agent? Fancy stepping into a real life thriller brimming with intrigue, enigmas and surprises? Read on, if you dare...

Genesis of Cr0n is taking place in and around the streets of Nottingham from October 21-25 where special agents will be required to discover Cr0n's secret underground HQ and perform clandestine operations in real life venues as they work to to expose the evil Ministry of Provenance, mwah ha ha.

It's a thrilling and fantastic opportunity to take part in a new form of immersive theatre using a combination of pervasive gaming, new technology and real life locations and to top it all off -  it's completely FREE!

Genesis of Cr0n, presented by Covernomics, is part of the GameCity8 Festival that has events running around the city from October 19-26 and the spying fun won't just end there as the event acts as the launch to an even larger project, Apocalypse of MoP, which will take place on-line following the end of the festival.

Will you accept the mission? Trust no one, look out for spies and good luck, Nottingham...

You can sign up for the event on the Genisis of Cr0n website here

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