Tuesday, 11 June 2013

9 To 5 The Musical at Nottingham Theatre Royal REVIEW

From the moment the alarm clock went off and that familiar intro kicked in, we knew we were in for an unashamed nostalgia fest, shot through with Dolly Parton's sly, sassy and often self-deprecating wit. We didn't have to wait long: within minutes, she flashed on high above the stage, larger than life- thanks to the first of several projected, pre-recorded video messages.

If truth be told, 9 to 5 (the film) has the flimsiest of plots and the play hews pretty closely to it: a sexist, bullying boss is kidnapped and held hostage in his own home by three of his most-suffering female staff, or "girls", as he likes to call them. In his absence, they take over the running of the company, much to the benefit of its profits and employees. Along the way, they also manage to expose his large-scale theft from the firm. Naturally, he gets his just desserts and everyone else gets their happy ending.

The beauty of this musical is in the telling itself, not the story though- and here it really shines.

The energetic, high-kicking, note-perfect cast all turn in a dazzling, spirited performance, with a mind-boggling number of costume and character changes for every member.

This really is one to catch while you can- it's on until Saturday 15th.

For two whole hours, the kinetic fun never lets up, and it really is absolutely riddled with wisecracks and sight gags.

From the scenery to the costumes, the hairstyles and the choreography then, a truly exciting recreation of the late 70s. With but one notable exception: perhaps my ageing memory is beginning to fail me, but I don't remember fake tan being quite so ubiquitous back in '79!


9 to 5 The Musical is at Nottingham Theatre Royal until June 15. Full details including ticket prices can be found here

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