Thursday, 23 May 2013

Eddie Izzard at Nottingham Capital FM Arena REVIEW

Making a psychedelic hypnotic-swirled light show grand entrance, suited, high-heel booted, kohled-up and with a scarlet kerchief peeping from his top pocket to match his every-other scarlet fingernails, Eddie Izzard launched the first Nottingham night of his Force Majeure World Tour with the immortal words, "Let's get this show started with human sacrifice!"

Thus began the always extraordinary Eddie Izzard torrent of educational historical nonsense consciousness and almost true stories, from monarchical re-enactments to the Clash of the Titans, French asides, Olympic dressage, foreign language misunderstandings, Scandinavian box-sets, make-up and a bit more French.

Confidentially, our favourite routine also happens to be an important psycho-emotional discovery: the cure for fear, which is, rather prosaically but nonetheless very pragmatically: boredom. Explaining through a highly entertaining comparison with the Rock Paper Scissors game using boredom, fear (and... diarrhoea) Eddie insists that boredom cancels out fear, so you cannot be bored and afraid at the same time. Useful in haunted houses, try it yourself!

Meanwhile, audience members can amuse themselves- and have a go at amusing everyone else- by sending Eddie Izzard text messages which will appear up on screens before the show and during the interval. Sexily witty, endlessly fascinating, impeccably made-up, and gloriously downright bloody funny, if you missed him last night, Monsieur Izzard is spoiling us with a second show at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham tonight, ooh la la!

Tickets priced £35 are available for tonight's show, full details are on the Capital FM Arena website here

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