Friday, 16 November 2012

Dining In The Dark At The Living Room Nottingham REVIEW

It was an intriguing dinner invitation with a delectable twist; come to the renowned restaurant The Living Room along with a group of other Nottingham writers and foodie bloggers to taste samples of the new Autumn/Winter menu- whilst completely blindfolded!

The premise was to blindly guess the ingredients of a plentiful succession of taster-sized treats by taste and smell alone, but with the Living Room's adventurous and highly flavoursome dishes this proved to be a rather difficult, though also perplexingly delicious challenge. With blindfolds on, our hands were guided to ladle-style Chinese spoons heaped with mysterious food samples and amidst much blind banter and giggling we all duly made both educated and wild and crazy guesses, including our own confidential totally random stab in the dark at vension in the Shepherd's Pie (score!)

Highlights of this mini-sized sampling of the Living Room winter menu included the Moroccan Spiced Lamb (pictured) a lovely moist duck in a plum chutney, a beautifully flavoured sea bass and the scrummy desserts passionfruit and coconut creme brule (pictured) with the both crunchy and creamy Basil grande.

With our delightful dining companions Experience Nottinghamshire and the appetizingly-named LeftLion food blog Noshingham the evening's winner who identified the most ingredients was former star of a Nottingham episode of Come Dine With Me, Alex Foster who deservedly won the extremely cute Dining In The Dark Champion Cup, and at the end of the evening we were also informed that our collective Nottingham blogger scores had also beaten Manchester's team scores- woo to the hoo!

Tasty, quirky, messy and fun, strangely bonding and just a little bit kinky, this was a gastronomic night of culinary eye-openers and we confidentially highly recommend a dining experience at The Living Room- with blindfolds optional. Mmmm!

More details of the Living Room menu can be found at

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  1. Looks like a good evening was had by all. I guess my invite is still stuck in the post, as I would have liked to come to sample the delights on offer


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