Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nottingham Two-Michelin Starred Chef Sat Bains And The Slow Food Chef Alliance

Nottingham's two-Michelin starred chef Sat Bains created a special menu last week for the launch of the Midlands Slow Food UK's Chef Alliance in partnership with Highland Park Single Malt Whisky. Top chefs from Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties attended, including Nick Gillespie of La Rock in Sandiacre in Nottingham.

Slow Food was created in the 1980s to counter the rise of Fast Food and is a non-profit and globally recognised organisation in 150 countries linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment together with an ethos to encourage people to choose nutritious food from sustainable local sources. The dynamic scheme works to engage Britain's chefs in actively supporting these aims by championing small scale producers and sustainably sourced quality produce.

Sat Bains created a special menu in his Nottingham restaurant using Slow Food UK's 'Forgotten Foods'- a catalogue of exceptional gastronomic produce in danger of disappearing due to current food production and distribution systems which other members of the Alliance will be encouraged to use in their own seasonal menus. To date, more than fifty of the UK's top chefs are now members of the Alliance with this number continuing to grow.

The lunch was hosted by Slow Food UK CEO Catherine Gazzoli and Scott Dickson from Highland Park single malt whisky, with Sat Bains.

You can find out more about Slow Food on their website

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