Sunday, 1 April 2012

Evening Workshops At Nottingham Writers' Studio

A new series of evening courses has just been launched by Nottingham Writers' Studio for Spring/Summer 2012 covering both fiction and non-fiction.

Occupy the Cannon starts on April 18th and is a poetry workshop exploring the use of literature to create poetry, run by local poet and creative writing tutor Jane Bluett, Editing Your Prose starts on June 13th and covers various aspects of self-editing and Writing Reviews for Professional Publication starts on May 9th and includes book, movie, theatre, holiday and product reviews.

The courses, which will run on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm, cost between £24 and £48 for non-members and last between three and six weeks at the studio in Nottingham's Lace Market.

Full details of all the courses and prices can be found at


  1. I have agorophopobia and am finding it increasingly difficult to get out. Is there any possibility that participants might be able to have some input via the internet. I guess that would be difficult but I thought I would ask anyway.



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