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Adam Ant At Nottingham Rock City December 8th 2011 REVIEW

 Adam Ant at Rock City © Nottingham Confidential
 For those who have lived through and can nostalgically and vividly remember his 'sexiest man alive' New Wave- icon glory days, the chance to get another bite of the Adam Ant apple on his The Good, The Mad And The Lovely Posse new tour gets many a juice running with tantalising expectation. And there were quite a few tribal white stripes splashed on the happy faces of last night's good-natured, friendly and lovably upbeat crowd who roared their appreciation when the original and best pop dandy of them all appeared with a thrilling flourish on Nottingham's Rock City stage.

Launching straight into Plastic Surgery and adorned in fabulous costume (though confidentially, we'd prefer him to lose the hat and the eclipsing glasses nestled on those legendary razor-cheek bones) Adam Ant still has the presence, the voice and yeah, the moves, to bewitch, bedazzle and entertainingly enthrall and gave a near as damn perfect set which varied from the edgier and fantastic Red Scab and Whip In My Valise through to pretty much every memorable and favourite pop hit any fan could want. With twin girl/boy drumkits belting along to Stand and Deliver, Zerox, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Ants Invasion, Prince Charming, Vive Le Rock and Goody Two Shoes you could click your feet along, close your eyes, go back to the 80s and pretend like the millenium never even happened. Joined on stage for Deutscher Girls and at various intervals in various stages of undress by backing singer and general cavorter Georgina Baillie (Andrew Sachs' granddaughter from the Jonathan-Ross-Russell-Brand-gate, yes, it's her) a warm reception was also given by the audience to a rendition of Vince Taylor from forthcoming album Adam Ant Is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter.
Adam Ant at Rock City © Nottingham Confidential

Returning back to the stage for an encore which included a bouncy Get It On and ending finally with Physical, Adam Ant bowed out to an audience baying for more. Did we tell you he's wonderful? There's nothing to be scared of, Adam Ant live is top of the NOTCH and can still look flash, grab your attention and deliver.

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  1. I love this man shame I couldn't go and see him sob sob (but yeah he still has it)
    Jacki xx


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