Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Nottingham Confidential Five

In our new regular feature The Nottingham Confidential Five, we highlight five events from our constantly updated Nottingham Confidential Twitter feed. 

Twenty laps, old bean? The Racing Room, a 'devilishly sporting Scalextrix experience for the cad in all of us' launches on Tuesday November 15 6-9pm at the Sir John Borlase Warren in Canning Circus. Open Race Nights will be running every Tuesday with regular competitions to win worthwhile prizes.


2. One of the first UK screenings of Happy, the Movie is at Antenna on Beck Street on November 30th at 6pm in support of Action Happiness

3. A new Fair Trade Shop "Fair Play" opened this week in the West End Arcade, Nottingham selling 100% Fair Trade toys, games, gifts- and chocolate.

4. Play the Cinderella Pumpkin dash game and pass on to friends for a chance to win free panto tickets tor Nottingham Playhouse

5. Young Creatives are urged to come to the Nottingham Market Square on November 10 at 12pm to register for the Young Creative Awards 2012. The competition is open to anyone aged 13-24 who wants to submit new works of art or creative design that spreads the message "Nottingham Welcomes The World"

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