Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bad Movie All-Nighter At Broadway Cinema

Ever seen a movie that's so bad it's good? Here's your chance to go the whole hog and make a good-bad night of it with the four of the 'silliest, funniest,and most astonishingly awful films ever made' at the All Night Bad Movie Experience at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham on November 19.

Starting at 11pm and going right through the night into the early hours of Sunday morning, the films include the first ever Nottingham screening of international cult sensation The Room and a rare big-screening of Road House with Patrick Swayze.

"It really is a demented line-up," says organiser Matt Palmer. "Samurai Cop (an 80s action movie) is just completely unbelievable. And Pieces, (an 80s slasher mind-trip) the final film, showed at an event I did in Glasgow and people went mental."

The event also includes classic bad movie trailers and a free raffle. Tickets cost £15/£14.50 and are available to book at http://www.broadway.org.uk/events/film_the_all_night_bad_movie_experience

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