Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Return Of Radio Trent!

Nottingham, prepare yourself to get ROCKED, because on July 3rd, 36 years to the very day it was first launched, Radio Trent is making a comeback in its home town and will begin broadcasting once again.
It was back in 1975 that Radio Trent began with a morning show by John Peters who has now teamed up with two other original presenters Guy Morris and Jeff Cooper to relaunch the station. Radio Trent was Nottingham's first commercial radio station and continued until 1988 and after various take-overs and corporate re-inventions, its name changed to Trent FM and is now Capital FM with most of that station's programming originating from London.
"We'd been talking about re-launching it for a while and three months ago we decided to just go for it," says Jeff Cooper. "We're doing our own nostalgic version, harking back to the 70s, 80s and late 90s and we'll also be having specialist shows." Nottingham Soul Boy Kev Roberts will have an evening Northern Soul, Mowtown and Philly show there'll also be a punk and new wave show and a country show. "There'll be very much an emphasis on Nottingham and we also want to hear from local bands."
Moving with the times, the station will be now be internet-based. "Internet radio is the new pirate radio!" says Jeff. "We're excited about being able to do what we want."
You can listen to the test transmissions for Radio Trent and make requests here


  1. I'm not sure how they can make a comeback to Nottingham - it seems to me that they're working from studios in Derbyshire somewhere!

  2. Nottingham Confidential says: Thank you for your comment. Radio Trent presenters will be broadcasting from all around the Nottingham area except one who is just over the Derbyshire border and the station will be Nottingham and Nottinghamshire-focused.

  3. I was 17 at the time and lived in Alexandra Park, Nottingham and Radio Trent was a welcome sound when first aired. I think it's great to make the comeback because Nottingham is a fantastic city and having now lived in Tenerife for the last 25 years still think fondly of the 70's and 80's as some of the best years of music. Nottingham is fab!! Welcom back Radio Trent.

    1. Good to hear Trent again. Brings back memories. I used to listen to the test transmissions endlessly at work while an apprentice, must have been around May-June '75, awaiting this exciting commercial station to rival BBC Radio Nottingham (and Trent won of course).

      Can anyone recall the songs that made up the original tests? I remember 10cc "I'm not in love" and Ray Stevens "Misty" but there were others...


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